I just received this email!

Dear Bishop,
Warm greetings from Lambeth Palace in London.
This is to let you know that next Saturday, you will be prayed for at Lambeth Palace as well as by many other people using the Anglican Cycle of Prayer produced by the Anglican Communion Office. We will be praying for you, your work and your diocese.
May God bless you
With best wishes and prayers.
The Anglican Communion Team at Lambeth Palace


The Service and Celebration took place at St.Elizabeth’s in Whiterocks, Utah on October 29th. People from all over our diocese and around the world came to join the festivities. One couple flew in from Austria!

This weekend

Tomorrow, Friday October 28th, I will be heading to Whiterocks to be the celebrant at the 50th Wedding anniversary of The Rev. Suzanne and Mr. Jim Duffield. Please offer prayers of thanksgiving for them, and their ministry at St. Elizabeth’s. On Sunday I will be visiting Good Shepherd in Ogden. I will be speaking at the Adult Forum on the topic of “What if we have a nuclear attack on one of our cities?” This will not be about prevention. It will be about what we do if it happens.



Above is the link to the article that appeared in the October 22, 2011 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune reporting on the importance of health and combating obesity. I was interviewed by Heather Mays of the Trib.

Pass Nuclear Test Treaty

Below is the editorial that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on October 15. Bishop Wester and I issued this jointly.

Here is the link as well:  http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/opinion/52712437-82/nuclear-states-ctbt-weapons.html.csp

As religious leaders in Utah, we have been entrusted by our faith communities to address the issues of peace and justice. For this reason, we have recently joined with 10 of our colleagues in petitioning U.S. Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee to support ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

In these perilous times, it is imperative that our leaders work together to safeguard the future of humanity. Even though the Cold War is over, the threat of a nuclear catastrophe looms large. Our denominations join a diverse group of former policymakers, technical experts, academics and other religious leaders in calling for a world free of nuclear weapons. The ratification and entry into force of the CTBT is one important step in curbing the development and stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

On Jan. 27, 1951, the Nevada Test Site went into operation by exploding an atomic bomb. Nuclear testing resulted in a terrifying arms race as well as having a devastating effect on the environment and those exposed to the radioactive fallout, especially here in Utah.

After long negotiations, the United States was the first country to sign the CTBT in 1996 and has had a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing in place since 1992. Once put into force, the CTBT will make permanent the testing moratorium already observed by a majority of nuclear states and will apply added pressure on other states to refrain from nuclear testing.

To date, the CTBT has been signed by 182 countries and ratified by 155, including Russia and all NATO members except the United States.

Twelve years ago, the Senate considered the CTBT but withheld support. Since that time, the concerns expressed by the Senate have all been addressed. The United States can maintain the reliability of its nuclear deterrent without resuming testing. The international verification regime now has the ability to adequately monitor compliance with the treaty and to restrict further proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. Given all the dramatic changes in the world since the Senate last considered the CTBT, the time has come for the Senate to act.

We believe that in addition to our national security interests, the United States has a moral responsibility to ensure that humanity and God’s creation are made safe from the terrible specter of nuclear weapons. We encourage all people of good will to join us in urging the Senate, and particularly our Utah senators, to give their advice and consent to the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

John Wester is the Catholic bishop of Salt Lake City. Scott Hayashi is the Episcopal bishop of Utah.

The Work Begins —Continues!

Convention is over. We had a wonderful time together to connect with God and one another through worship, learning, chatting, breaking bread, working, and playing. Throughout the time I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit among us…joining with us in laughter, celebration, and sober reflection.

Thank you to Fr. John Williams and the other clergy and people of St. James in Midvale for hosting us!

Convention is over. The work begins –continues really. For us to make the needed steps that will lead to increased development and life we will need to keep connecting, building our relationship, finding strength in the blessing (bestowing) of God’s gift to us–our fellow sisters and brothers in Christ. Push on your fellows in your congregation to connect with the other congregations, especially with those who you discovered are doing something you found exciting. Engage your community at large in ways that save lives. Learn the history of your own congregation, what is your founding story? What is the DNA of your church? And always expect to see God. God is always present, hoping that we will see him but staying with us whether we see him or not.

Together we took a very large step at our convention. It is a culmination of all of the hard work that was done in the last year by our Diocesan leaders on Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, Finance Committee, Commission on Ministry, Peace and Justice, and your faithful and hardworking Diocesan Staff.

Start planning now for the Spring, when we will sow some seeds. You can start planting seeds now in the lives of the people at your congregation and your larger community. Let them know that we in the Diocese of Utah, we save lives and nurture souls. We have done this for 144 years!

Thank you all!


Recently, I was interviewed by Heather Mays from the S.L. Tribune. She was interested in our becoming partners with Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight. I told her about the ways in which we have addressed the importance of health in our diocese from the very beginning (St. Mark’s Hospital) and the way we are called to care for God’s creation, of which we human beings are included. They will endeavor to get a photo of me while I am working out at the gym. they may run this article before our Convention or just after Convention.

This past weekend I met with our Commission on Ministry on Saturday morning. Then I  drove to St. George to have a celebration / worship service in Mathis Park with three of our congregations in the Southern Region (Grace, Spirit of the Desert and St. Jude’s). On Sunday, I will be at Grace in St. George for a visit. This is not the “official” visit. That was done earlier in the year.